European Finance Association

47th Annual Meeting

Virtual from Helsinki, Finland 20-21 August 2020

Poster Session

EFA 2020 will feature a poster session for PhD students. Our objective is to support promising PhD students by offering them the possibility to present their research and to receive a high-quality reference that will be useful in the job market.

Preference is given to students who are not in the job market in academic year 2019-20. Please also note that papers presented at the poster session can be co-authored by PhD students, but not by faculty members or anyone else with a doctoral degree.

Papers for the poster session will be chosen among the submissions to the conference. Papers will undergo the same submission and review process as regular paper submissions. Each author is required to be an EFA member for the 2020 calendar year. Co-author(s) membership is not valid. Each author is restricted to one submission. The submitted paper will be considered for both the regular and the poster program. Expressing interest toward the poster session does not affect an author’s chances of getting the paper accepted to the regular program. Accepted presenters to the poster program are expected to participate in the conference.

The deadline for submissions for the poster session is the same as for the general submission, February 1, 2020 at 13:00 CET. Submitters are expected to submit complete papers via the submission system and to tick a box signifying their eligibility and interest in becoming part of the poster session. Check on our guidelines which steps are required to submit a paper to the EFA 2020, click here.