European Finance Association

47th Annual Meeting

Helsinki, Finland 19-22 August 2020


If you have more time to spare, why not explore what Finland has to offer outside of Helsinki? Or even visit the neighbouring capitals, Tallinn or Saint Petersburg?


The old town of Porvoo feels like a fairy tale town with its colorful wooden houses, cobbled streets, cosy cafés and interesting little museums. It takes less than an hour to reach Porvoo by bus from Helsinki. During the summer, you can also make a day trip from Helsinki to Porvoo by ship and admire the Finnish archipelago on the way.


The former capital of Finland is located on the southwestern coast of Finland. Turku is full of history and offers a wide range of cultural activities for visitors. Situated around the Aura river, a drink on one of the many river boats is a must. Turku is well-connected to Helsinki both by bus and train (both take about 2 hours).

Tallinn (Estonia)

The capital of Estonia is easily reached in about two hours by one of the many daily cruise ships from Helsinki. Whether you opt for a day trip or spending more time in Tallinn, make sure you reserve enough time for the charming old town with its lively squares, historical churches and impressive viewing platforms over the city.

Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city full of unique history, art and architecture. Did you know that by taking a cruise from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg you do not need a visa? You can find more information about the visa free rule on the St Peter Line website.

© Porvoo: Jussi Hellstén/Visit Finland, Turku: City of Turku, Tallinn: Kaupo Kalda/Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau, St. Petersburg: Dusan Smetana/Unsplash